SnugTrade Events Calendar

Events Calendar

As you probably know this already, learning is one of the most important points for every successful online trader. It doesn’t matter if you trade currencies, cryptos or stocks. Every trade involves charts, analysis, different tools. Furthermore, trends and patterns tend to repeat so understanding how everything works, helps 9 times out of 10.

That’s why the team of decided to launch the calendar which contains various events including Conferences, Webinars, and Seminars. Every event consists of a short description, a content of that webinar, language and event date. Furthermore, we provide the link to the webinar’s page.

How to Use This Events Calendar?

Believe me, it’s very simple. First of all, go to the Calendar page. You get month view by default, but this can be easily changed to the list type you prefer more. Just click on the top right side “View as” and select the type you want to see.

Also, you may want to filter some of the events. Just put the date or keyword in the top and click the button “Find Events”. It gets handy when you’re looking for an event on the day you want. Furthermore, that keyword works well when looking for an event by topic.

Click on the headline of the desired event, it doesn’t matter what kind of “View as” you have selected. After you get into the inner page, check a description and other details. Just make sure if the language is okay for you. Not all events are available in English though. We do our best to put specific language in the name of an entry.

After the description, there are a couple of buttons (not the sharing buttons line). They allow exporting this event directly to the calendar of a mobile device, or an app, or Google calendars. The super useful thing which never allows forgetting a great event upcoming.

After all this content, lays block with specified details such as date and time (once again), cost, category, tags, and most important – the link which gets a user to the event page.

A little more down, visitors can use fast links which send to the previous or next event page on SnugTrade.


We hope this short write up will help to understand how the calendar works and how useful it can be. Learn and always learn, only by going this way best traders born!