Libertex Adds Cannabis CFDs Trading

Cannabis CFDs

Most of you probably have heard that a lot of countries started to legalize cannabis for regular use. The product which was banned for years now is fully legal in Canada, some states of the US – California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, etc. More countries consider about stepping forward and legalizing cannabis as well. Some of them legalize it at least for medical use. What does it mean? And how this can influence the trading market?

Cannabis is expected to be a huge market within the next few years reaching the worth of $146 Billion in 2025. Less than the alcohol market, but knowing the fact that alcohol is legal in most countries for ages, the rate of cannabis market growth outshines everything. On the other hand, marijuana is widely adopted for medical use as well. So this market divides into several different spheres with own turnover.

However, there are no doubts that the cannabis market expansion speed and size started to make an impact now. No one can ignore it. Trading market isn’t an exception. The appearance of big promising companies with the bright future attracted a lot of attention from the investors. And that’s totally normal and understandable. And some of the brokers already added cannabis CFDs into their trading platforms. We expect that after this step more and more brokers will take this action as well.


Trade Cannabis CFDs



Libertex Broker Added 5 Cannabis CFDs for Trading

Since the 11th of December, 2018 one of the biggest brokers in Europe added five different contracts for CFDs (Contracts For Difference) of companies which specializes in marijuana growing and processing. All these companies are big names in this market – Tilray, Canopy Growth, Apharia, Cronos Group, and Aurora Cannabis.

Furthermore, most of the traders and investors expect that these companies will grow steadily showing good profits. And we hope that the list will expand together with the expansion of this market.

If you want to get more details about the broker, read our in-depth review of the Libertex. The broker is probably the 1st one which offered such a trading option. Take this into consideration when selecting a broker.


Disclaimer: This blog post doesn’t motivate to start investing in cannabis or any other CFD mentioned here. This article is purely for researching and studying purposes. Also, it’s not related to the use of cannabis. It’s exclusively connected to the financial instruments and CFDs trading. Opinions are our own.