Libertex Adds Cannabis CFDs Trading

Most of you probably have heard that a lot of countries started to legalize cannabis for regular use. The product which was banned for years now is fully legal in Canada, some states of the US – California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, etc. More countries consider about stepping forward and legalizing cannabis as well. […]

What Are Financial Regulatory Authorities?

When people consider starting to invest they usually face a lot of difficulties and stress. Especially, when things turn to financial questions. And most of the time, the biggest question stands up – is it safe, what is going to happen if I lose the money, what will help me to solve various issues, etc.? Well, that’s why the financial market has tons of protections. And one of them, of course, is financial regulatory authorities which watch the whole market. If there is an unfair and obscure broker, these watchdogs take action to stop it or return it on the right path.

SnugTrade Events Calendar

As you probably know this already, learning is one of the most important points for every successful online trader. It doesn’t matter if you trade currencies, cryptos or stocks. Every trade involves charts, analysis, different tools. Furthermore, trends and patterns tend to repeat so understanding how everything works, helps 9 times out of 10.

Best Forex Broker in The UK

Do you wonder what is the best Forex broker for you living in the United Kingdom? Well, before we start digging deeper, we have to roll up what criteria we are going to look into. Why? Because every online trading broker has its own features, functions, policies. Or in other words, every service provider is very different and sometimes it even cannot be compared. So in order to determine what points we will use in this article, we need to understand which of the features make a huge impact on the rating of a broker. So let’s find out what is the best Forex broker in the UK!