Best Forex Broker in The UK

Best Forex Broker In The UK

Do you wonder what is the best Forex broker for you living in the United Kingdom? Well, before we start digging deeper, we have to roll up what criteria we are going to look into. Why? Because every online trading broker has its own features, functions, policies. Or in other words, every service provider is very different and sometimes it even cannot be compared. So in order to determine what points we will use in this article, we need to understand which of the features make a huge impact on the rating of a broker. So let’s find out what is the best Forex broker in the UK!

What Good Broker Must Have?

Firstly, and probably the most important – regulations. As you already know (or not), brokers which operate in the United Kingdom must have an FCA license. If it doesn’t have one, we don’t think it deserved to be here. Besides FCA, we add some good karma for having more licenses from various regulators like CySEC (Cyprus) or Regafi (Italy). The more regulators, the more cleanliness, and credibility.

Secondly, we give an enormous attention to trading platforms available. Has the broker a mobile application or trades can be made using a web interface only? What about MetaTrader 4? It’s crucial to have an option to make a trade wherever you are. Some markets are very volatile and can drop or skyrocket in hours. Missing a chance to catch a top-notch trade is really disappointing, but it can be avoided if proper tools are always under the hood.

Lastly, all the features a broker gives to its customers. The more you get the better trading experience you feel. Especially when we have a right to select. On these days, when there are hundreds of high-quality online brokers, only a sluggard can go with a middle person from the bottom.

So What Is The Best Forex Broker in the UK?

If You have checked the brokers listed here before then it is going to be simpler to catch the point. Besides the fact that we have listed only reputable and credible brokers here, it is still crucial to find a right broker which fits our needs. And we have a winner of the 1st place here – Avatrade! Why? First of all, it is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, which of course gives the most points here. It can be totally trusted by citizens of the United Kingdom. While most of the brokers are regulated by CySEC mostly, AVA is regulated by many other regulators as well including ASIC, FSA, FFAJ, FSB, BVI. So one of the most important things about Forex broker stays totally fine here.

Furthermore, as an innovative and self-respecting trading services provider, Avatrade provides mobile application, a wide selection of markets, superb support with live chat option, reasonable spreads, etc. It has much more to offer, so if you have selected Avatrade, sleep calm, everything is safe, trusted and not going to change anytime soon.

Is Avatrade the Only Good Selection For Brit?

Definitely not! FXTM is another great broker regulated by FCA (as well as byCySEC and ASIC). Operating since 2011 it has proved its name by providing a really attractive service. It has everything a top-level broker must have – starting with a mobile application, finishing with a lot of free courses, seminars, and materials which help customers to improve their level and knowledge. FXTM team is very active and travels around the world spreading experience about Forex and other commodities.

Besides these two brokers mentioned here, we would gladly recommend checking IronFX as well. Being regulated by FCA, CySEC, and the ASIC, it provides a really great service too. It offers a long list of trading instruments and commodities which is one of the best in the market now, so having an account here should help you to increase your trading assets portfolio. For finding more details about this broker, check our IronFX Review page.


To sum up, it doesn’t matter which broker you have selected, the most important is what you really need. Check what commodities and trading assets the broker supports, does it have a mobile application, is the interface easy to use and understand, etc. We provided our opinion about three top brokers for customers from the United Kingdom (Avatrade, FXTM, and IronFX) which may help in the searches of the best forex broker in the UK. We gave most of our attention to regulators and licenses the broker has. Besides our recommendations always do your own research before stepping into something. It will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Happy trading!